Nigeria: Checking Domestic Violence Against Children During Lockdown

Rev Ifeanyi Mbaegbu - All Africa

"The lockdown measures have increased the risk of children [in Nigeria] becoming victims of domestic violence, bullying and other forms of abuse," says Rev Ifeanyi Mbaegbu in this article. In the article, Mbaegbu explores many of the detrimental impacts on children and families that the lockdown measures put in place to reduce the spread of the coronavirus have had, including increased stress on families and abuse of children in the home. The article calls on parents to "ensure their children do not become victims of the effects of the measures taken to contain COVID-19. Frequent emotional outburst on children may be a sign of tensions arising from lockdown. Avoid any corrective measures that involve inflicting physical pain on the child." The article also notes that "many children will need counseling and psychosocial support after the pandemic. School heads and school guidance and counselors should be aware of this and get ready to address it."