Somalis with Albinism: Pelted with Stones and Raw Eggs

Naciima Saed Salah - BBC News

Referring to the stigma he faces in Somalia because he has albinism, 25 year-old Elmi Bile Mohamed says: "People tell me I am a cannibal and that I will eat their children. They are terrified of me."

Mr Mohamed has struggled to find a place to live in the capital, Mogadishu, since leaving his rural home in the central region of Hiraan. His brothers also suffer from the condition.

"We were continuously insulted and tortured by our community. We were beaten up and mocked for the pale colour of our skin, hair and eyes," he says.

"I thought I would find a better life in Mogadishu but I was wrong."

Mr Mohamed searched and searched for a room in a shared house but was rejected at every turn.

He ended up paying $30 (£23) a month to live in a storage shed in Hamar Weyne district, the oldest part of the city.