The children sent to a DR Congo 'holiday camp' never to come back

Joanna Heywood - BBC News

"A court in Belgium is investigating an orphanage for alleged abduction and trafficking of children from the Democratic Republic of Congo," according to this article from BBC News. "Children were brought to Belgium and adopted by families who had been told they were orphans. Years later, DNA tests have proved that in some cases they were not." The article tells the story of a family in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who sent their child to the city of Kinshasa to attend what they thought was a holiday camp, and the child never returned. Two Belgian journalists later discovered that some Congolese children had been adopted by Belgian families, despite the fact they had living parents in DRC, and that this family's child was one of them.

Now a Belgian court will decide what happens with these children. "It's case by case, but any solution should depend enormously on what the child says. We can't just go about taking decisions on what we think is good for a child without getting that child's opinion," explains child protection expert Nigel Cantwell.