The extraordinary story of how I found my parents

David Lemke - BBC News

This article from BBC News tells the story of Nguyen Quoc Tuy, born in Vietnam around 1970 and adopted by a family in the US at about three years old, and his journey to reconnect with his birth family as an adult. Tuy was placed in an orphanage at seven days old and developed polio at a very early age, leaving him with a disability.

He traveled back to Vietnam with his adoptive mother as part of the 1991 "peace marches" and began to explore Vietnamese culture, returning again in 1993 and eventually meeting his birth mother. He also learned that his father was Filipino and traveled to the Philippines to meet him, connecting with two half-sisters as well.

Tuy began spending more and more time in Vietnam, eventually moving there full time, and developed relationships with his family there, including his siblings and half-siblings. Tuy explains that the story of an adoptee finding their birth family is "nothing new." The untold story is "the long process of integration, the challenges that face the adoptee as he or she tries to bond with their new family. And likewise, the family getting to know their long-lost son, daughter, brother or sister."