Two boys in need of a home, two parents mourning lost children

Jack Losh - BBC News

This article from BBC News tells the stories of two brothers who had lost their father in a raid on their village in the Central African Republic (CAR) and who came into the care of local foster parents. Recent conflict in CAR has led to an unknown number of children orphaned or separated from their parents. UNICEF and several humanitarian organizations have been working to identify and register these children and to place them with foster families. "But only 1,000 families nationwide are registered as foster carers, so an urgent search is on for more. Word is spread via community leaders, social workers, town-hall-style meetings and radio broadcasts." The article describes the support that organizations like SOS Children's Villages are providing to foster families to ensure that the children are well cared for.

"This is our calling," said their foster father Jean-Philippe. "All children should be cared for, so they can grow up and build a better society than the one we have now."