Vulnerable Children in South Australia Face Long-Term Emergency Housing

Australian Associated Press, The Guardian

The number of children in South Australia who are living in emergency housing has risen significantly in the past year, says the article. Children who are placed in emergency/temporary housing are often those who have experienced trauma and who have complex needs. Because of the sudden increase in the need for emergency housing, many of these children were placed in motels, cabins, and rented apartments to accommodate all of them. And, many of the children were being kept in emergency housing for more than 18 months as the authorities have struggled with trying to find foster carers for the children. Pam Simmons, the state’s guardian for children and young people, said this was a result of a failure to plan ahead and an over-reliance on residential care. More must be done, said Simmons, to increase the number and diversity of family-based care settings in South Australia.