Why Scotland will 'look back with shame' on its care system

Karin Goodwin - The National

This article from the National highlights the findings and recommendations of the Independent Scottish Care Review, including the 80 changes to transform care, which were accepted in Parliament by Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland. "Key to the report’s findings was the need for early intervention to support families to stay together where possible, in recognition that removing a child from their family 'creates trauma for the child, the family and the community,'" says the article.

The article also features an interview with Kenny Murray, public affairs co-ordinator at Who Cares? Scotland – also care experienced – who welcomed the recommendations around better family support. "[My mother] should never have had to choose between getting help and keeping us at home," said Murray. "In years to come we’re going to look back and see that we’ve often taken poor children away from their parents."