Announcing the Launch of 'The Love You Give' Campaign and the New Global ReThink Orphanages Website

Better Care Network

To coincide with Universal Children’s Day today, 20th November, Better Care Network is launching a pilot campaign in the USA, UK and Australia to reduce orphanage volunteering. This insight-driven behaviour change campaign called The Love You Give is targeted at young (18-22-year old) gap year travelers and short-term missionaries.

The campaign’s development has been informed by research carried out among gap year travelers and shortterm missionaries in the UK and US. Behaviour change theory will be applied to evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign.

Additionally, this newsletter announces that the Better Volunteering Better Care (BVBC) Initiative, aimed at responding to the negative impacts of volunteerism in residential care settings, has been relaunched as ReThink Orphanages and has a new website!