BCN Newsletter: February 2019

Better Care Network

This issue of the BCN Newsletter, produced in collaboration with Dr Meredith Kiraly, is focused on kinship care. The issue presents recent publications from the UK, US, Australia and a range of other countries that describe the benefits and challenges of providing children’s care within their family network. Publications include the perspectives of young people and kinship carers; circumstances of kinship families based on large statistical samples; family violence in kinship care; assessment of kinship care arrangements; and two special journal issues full of articles on informal kin care. 

The issue also features an article that provides an overview of kinship care in Africa, and an article each from Ghana and South Africa. More publications about kinship care in African countries are in the pipeline. In this issue, BCN also presents other recent research, updates, news, events, and videos related to children's care issues around the world.