BCN Newsletter: March 2021

Better Care Network

This month’s issue of the Better Care Network newsletter is published in partnership with the Government of Kenya, the National Council for Children’s Services (NCCS), the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the Department of Children’s Services, and UNICEF Kenya, with support from Changing the Way We Care. It is presented in a more narrative format - featuring the voices of several key stakeholders, including those with lived experience of residential care - in order to tell the story of care reform efforts in Kenya. The issue highlights newly launched tools, guidance, and other documents developed by government and non-government actors and provides a platform for some of these key agencies and other individuals to reflect on aspects of care reform in Kenya and further unpack these critical resources. They call attention to particular areas of importance, including: the role of collaboration, government leadership, coordination during the COVID-19 pandemic, engaging care leavers in care reform, key learning from the rapid analysis of children returned home in Murang'a County during the pandemic, and awareness-raising efforts to promote family-based care. We hope that this special issue helps paint the picture of care reform in Kenya as these efforts are taking place - the achievements and the challenges - from the perspective of those who are creating change for children and families throughout the country.

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