BCN Newsletter March-April 2016

In this edition, BCN announces the launch of a Special Issue of the Journal Global Social Welfare on "Measuring Better Care: Building the Evidence to Inform Policy and Practice Around Children's Care", edited by BCN and CPC Learning Network. The special issue represents an effort to present state-of-the-art learning about how to measure issues related to children's care in a way that informs more effective policies and programs. 

This edition's thematic focus highlights research and other publications on "Baby Hatches," or "Baby Boxes",  places where "unwanted" infants can be dropped off anonymously. The UNCRC Committee in its Concluding Observations for all countries using baby boxes since 2011 has recommended banning baby boxes and providing appropriate prevention services. Despite this, these are used in many countries worldwide. The newsletter also highlights some of the new research on care related issues, as well as a number of new tools, news and initiatives by organisations working on children's care.