BCN Newsletter: September 2020

Better Care Network

This issue of the BCN newsletter introduces the BCN Practitioner Library, an online library containing resources relevant to practitioners and organised around the components of the care system. The portal is designed as a puzzle, demonstrating how the care system is the sum total of many integrated parts that work in synergy to ensure children have access to adequate care. It points to the importance of the systems strengthening agenda whilst simultaneously providing practitioners with access to relevant resources and learning. 

As you explore the care system puzzle, you will find basic information about each component and subcomponent and related resources. You can filter the resources by type, such as articles, videos, tools or podcasts, to help you locate the resources best suited to your needs. 

The Practitioner Library will continue to be developed and grow as new resources are identified and published. We encourage you to share your resources to be added to this practitioner resource hub.

The newsletter issue also features 4 new videos in the Kenya Practitioner Learning Series.

September 2020 Newsletter Thumbnail