Child trafficking issue pits activists against CWC

This article from the Hindu describes the current debate between a faction of child rights advocates and the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) regarding the care and placement of a group of 16 trafficked children who were illegally sold into adoption in the Mysuru district in Karnataka, India. According to the article, the children were born to unwed mothers in a maternity home who were convinced to give birth to the children and then sold to childless couples. Certain child rights activists have advocated for the children to remain with their adoptive families, while the CWC is "sticking to the rulebook," as the couples have participated in the illegal purchase of children. "Citing provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 that considers sale and procurement of children for any purpose, including illegal adoption, as an offence, the CWC has rejected suggestions for reuniting the separated children with the couples even though they were taking care of them," says the author. The children are currently awaiting decision in childcare homes throughout the state.