Family Strengthening Hybrid Course: Learning grants still available for the upcoming course through the CAFO Research Center

CAFO Research Center

Tuesdays, Oct. 17 - Nov. 14 (5 weeks total)

11 AM or 7 PM EST (Identical content, two time options)

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Keeping children in loving, stable families is essential for their well-being. But when families face instability and don't receive the necessary support, they are at risk of separation.  Leaders in programs that serve vulnerable children and families often know that supporting parents in ways that truly matter is essential for keeping kids in families. But what does it look like to effectively support family health and stability?

That’s where Family Strengthening comes in. This 5-week hybrid learning course, offered through the CAFO Research Center, explores the key pieces of effective family strengthening, such as learning how to identify families that need support, building relationships with families, helping families to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and creating a care plan to deliver services.