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IFCO25 Jun 2020

This international conference, hosted by the International Foster Care Organization (IFCO), will profile initiatives that help children and youth in care thrive by promoting the creation of significant relationships, a sense of belonging to their family, their community, and their culture.

ISS-USA17 Oct 2019
Baltimore, MD, USA

ISS-USA announced their 7th Annual Conference, Beyond Separation: Protecting Cross Border Families, co-hosted by the University of Maryland School of Social Work from Thursday, October 17th through Friday, October 18th.

30 Sep 2019

Spotlight: Child Welfare is a collaborative journalism project that aims to deepen and improve reporting on B.C.’s child-welfare system.

Helping Children Worldwide6 Sep 2019
Chantilly, Virginia, USA

Helping Children Worldwide is hosting Rising Tides: The Future of Global Missions, on September 6-7, 2019 in Chantilly, Virginia, USA.

The Children's Bureau20 Aug 2019
Washington, DC, USA

The Evaluation Summit is a forum for child welfare leaders, members of the research and evaluation community, and their partners and stakeholders to come together for timely and important dialogue and learning.

Kari Hong - WBUR18 Jul 2019

In this opinion piece for WBUR, Kari Hong - an assistant professor at Boston College Law School and expert in immigration law, immigration consequences of criminal convictions, criminal law and family law - discusses the use of detention facilities for children at the US border with Mexico despite the "established science that children are best cared for by families, whether their own, adopted or in foster care."

Isaac Chotiner - The New Yorker13 Jul 2019

In this Q&A piece for the New Yorker, author Isaac Chotiner interviews Jack P. Shonkoff of Harvard University whose research has addressed the consequences of excessive stress on young children. In the article, Shonkoff discusses "the psychological effects of detention [on children], the differences in how toddlers and teen-agers register trauma, and why kids who appear to have adapted to their circumstances are often at risk of the most serious problems."

Ashley Fetters - The Atlantic13 Jul 2019

The US House Oversight Committee has released a new report on child separation at the U.S.-Mexico border that reveals how many children were separated from their parents and families upon entry into the United States and how long those separations lasted, according to this article from the Atlantic.

Loring Jones - Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services4 Jul 2019

This review examines the legislative history leading up to extended care, the research on youth leaving foster care, youth preferences for extended care, the competition of extended care with permanency options, and the effects of extended foster care on transition-age youth.

Rong Bai, Cyleste Collins, Robert Fischer, David Crampton - Children and Youth Services Review4 Jul 2019

This study explores facilitators of and barriers to effective collaboration between workers at partner organizations working on a program focused on the reunification of housing-unstable families with their children in out-of-home placement in the US.