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Matt Dryden - Journal for Deradicalization29 Dec 2017

This research collected rare and vital primary data by interviewing practitioners within looked-after children’s, residential, and respite services. The study established that practitioners lacked basic awareness of radicalisation and extremism, the Prevent strategy, and the Channel programme.

David Wilkins & Charlotte Whittaker - The British Journal of Social Work28 Dec 2017

For many social workers, participatory practice may seem an unachievable goal, particularly in the field of child protection. This paper discusses a significant programme of change in one London local authority, as part of which the authors undertook 110 observations of practice and provided more than eighty follow-up coaching sessions for workers. 

Matthew Hodes, Melisa Mendoza Vasquez, Dimitris Anagnostopoulos, Kalliopi Triantafyllou, Dalia Abdelhady, Karin Weiss, Roman Koposov, Fusun Cuhadaroglu, Johannes Hebebrand, Norbert Skokauskas - European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry21 Dec 2017

This paper provides an overview of the post 2015 immigration crisis in key European countries with a special focus on current demographics, refugee children, mental health studies, policies and practical support available for refugees.

Education Committee, Parliament of the United Kingdom21 Dec 2017

The Education Committee of the UK's Parliament has published a report on Foster Care. The report includes conclusions and recommendations for valuing young people in care as well as foster carers and the care system.

Anna Sarkadi, Kajsa Ådahl, Emma Stenvall, Richard Ssegonja, Hemrin Batti, Parthena Gavra, Karin Fängström, Raziye Salari - European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry19 Dec 2017

This study aimed to (1) evaluate the indicated prevention program Teaching Recovery Techniques (TRT) in a community setting and describe the program’s effects on symptoms of PTSD and depression in unaccompanied refugee minors; and (2) examine participants’ experiences of the program.

Neil Puffett - Children & Young People Now9 Dec 2017

Record rise in number of care applications has prompted England's most senior family court judge to warn of a looming “crisis”.

Anne Jansen - The British Journal of Social Work7 Dec 2017

The present study is based on life mode interviews with social workers who started their careers in child protection services, focusing on their daily lives as newly graduated professionals. 

Louise Tickle - The Guardian7 Dec 2017

This opinion piece from the Guardian explains why more funding and support should be directed to kinship care and other alternative care arrangements that place children with extended family, instead of adoption or foster care outside of the family. 

Sarfraz Manzoor - The Guardian3 Dec 2017

This article from the Guardian tells the stories of Muslim foster parents in the UK.

Lumos3 Dec 2017

This is a fantastic opportunity for a technical specialist who has solid deinstitutionalisation (DI) experience to apply their knowledge and skillset to develop/deliver DI training courses and provide technical DI advice to external stakeholders such as governments, civil society organisations or individuals.