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UNICEF Fiji1 Aug 2019

UNICEF is seeking a Child Protection Specialist in Fiji.

Josh Fergeus, Cathy Humphreys, Carol Harvey, Helen Herrman - Adoption & Fostering8 Jul 2019

As foster and kinship carers are central to the lives of looked after children, it is important to recognise their unmet needs and the impact of these on the caring task. This article explores these issues by applying a hierarchy of needs to the foster and kinship care context, drawing on the perspectives of those involved, a group of Australian foster and kinship carers.

Lisa Davies - The Sydney Morning Herald6 Jul 2019

This editorial piece from the Sydney Morning Herald describes a new report released by the Government of New South Wales, Australia entitled 'Forecasting Future Outcomes,' which "gives a hard financial justification and a possible methodology for early intervention to protect certain vulnerable groups of young people before it is too late."

Taylor Fry - Government of NSW, Their Futures Matter5 Jul 2019

This report, which was authored by Taylor Fry with support from Their Futures Matter (TFM) - a landmark reform of the Government of New South Wales (NSW), Australia to deliver improved outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and their families - and stakeholder agencies, presents key results and insights from the TFM Investment Model, an actuarial model of future outcomes and costs of providing key government services to children and young people in NSW.

UNICEF5 Jul 2019

UNICEF is seeking an international consultant for Technical Assistance to Social Welfare Ministries in Child Protection in Nauru, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. 

UNICEF Pacific4 Jul 2019

UNICEF Pacific is seeking a consultant for Child Protection in Education for Pacific Island Countries.

UNICEF Pacific3 Jul 2019

UNICEF Pacific is seeking an international consultant for Child Protection System Policy Development for Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

Stephanie Richards - InDaily25 Jun 2019

This article from InDaily highlights findings from a recent report by South Australia’s Guardian for Children and Young People, indicating that children with disabilities are overrepresented in Australia's care system.

Emily Keddell, Gabrielle Davie, Dave Barson - Children and Youth Services Review18 Jun 2019

This article reports on a study of the relationships between child protection system contact and small area-level deprivation in New Zealand. The study found that, compared to children living in the least deprived quintile of small areas, children in the most deprived quintile had, on average, 13 times the rate of substantiation, 18 times the rate of a family group conference, and 6 times their chance of placement in foster care. Findings suggest that action is needed to address the causes of deprivation, provide services that respond to families living in poverty, and undertake further research to examine the interactions between demand and supply of services across deprivation levels.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare11 Jun 2019

This report presents analyses of selected outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who live in households with members of the Stolen Generations.