Joseph Offiro Wetoyi
Majaoni Rescuers CBO
Counselor and Mediator
"I love helping children and working for them and ensure children and families thrive well in the community."
Joseph Wetoyi

Background Information

Training as a Counselor and a Certified Mediator

Preacher and a Church Leader at Majaoni Good News Church

Radio presenter and Chairman of radio program at Sheki FM

Membership & Associations

Director at Majaoni Rescuers
Church Leader and a board member
Leader in county network of charitable children's institutions

Our Interview With Practitioner

How you develop your skills as a practitioner?
  • By participating in trainings and workshops.
  • Enhancing communication skills and problem solving skills.
  • By getting feedback, which allows me to  assess my progress as I identify areas where I have improved and and where to put more effort.
  • Team work
  • Being flexible to accommodate change, as I become creative and adaptive.  
What are the most important things you’ve learned from this work?

It is possible for children to be raised in families and community without being placed in children institution, if people will embrace family and community based care program.

If there is good will from the government to support care Reforms and be involved in family strengthening initiatives, children will be able to realize their potential as they grow up.

What are the two most helpful resources or tools in your work?
  • Partnership with a like-minded organization
  • Personnel
Why you do this work?

I love helping children and working for them and ensure children and families thrive well in the community.

What are the best approaches for supporting families?
  • Family-based care
  • Community-based care
  • Positive parenting empowerment
  • Family strengthening
  • Supporting family in fostering
  • Connecting families to community-based services

Where They Operate

Key Areas of Work

Care Reform
Child Participation
Family Reintegration/Reunification
Family Strengthening/Family Preservation
Family-Based Alternative Care
Prevention of Family Separation/Institutionalization
Psychosocial Support/Mental Health Services
Separated or Abandoned Children
Supporting Organizations to Transition to Family-Based Care

Languages Spoken

Kiswahili (Swahili)

Practitioner Resources

Changing the Way We Care

This learning brief was developed as part of the CTWWC 2022 annual report and shares learning from across different contexts. It is intended to showcase how the transition of care services is happening and how it can be supported.