Task Force on Family Strengthening: Learning Event on Social Protection

Transforming Children's Care Collaborative

The Task Force on Family Strengthening presented a Learning Event on Social Protection on 23 February 2023:  

Social protection is one of the primary tools governments can use to support families and promote better outcomes for children. This learning event was an opportunity for care reform advocates and practitioners to learn more about social protection – as well as economic strengthening interventions - from researchers and practitioners in the field. It provided an opportunity to dive deeper into what role social protection can and should play in preventing recourse to alternative and institutional care.   

The learning event included a panel discussion, followed by a Q & A. The speakers were:

  1. Dominic Richardson, Chief, Social Policy and Economic Analysis, UNICEF Office of Research
  2. Lisa Laumann, Independent Researcher with extensive experience examining the impact of social protection and economic strengthening interventions on family wellbeing.
  3. Carolina Aulicino, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF Argentina – on Argentina’s Universal Child Grant

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