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Shaylim Castro - Reuters16 Jan 2019

"Some 3 million Venezuelans have migrated in three years, putting a growing strain on the country’s children as more parents are forced into the heart-wrenching decision to leave," says this article from Reuters.

Harry Orúzar, Rafael Miranda, Xavier Oriol, Carme Montserrat - Children and Youth Services Review2 Jan 2019

The main objective of this study is to explore, from a bottom-up perspective, the moderating effect of an experienced happiness indicator (OHS) and the daily-life activities shared between caregivers and adolescents in the residential care system in Peru.

BBC News7 Nov 2018

Police in Peru have recently uncovered a child trafficking ring which convinced poor women to hand over their babies and then sold them, according to this article from BBC News.

BBC News2 Nov 2018

In this video from BBC News, Vladimir Hernandez visits the capital city of Caracas in Venezuela to investigate the situation of mothers and children who have been impacted by Venezuela's humanitarian crisis. 

Kirrily Pells, Virginia Morrow, M. Catherine Maternowska & Alina Potts - Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies: An International Interdisciplinary Journal for Research, Policy and Care20 Oct 2018

This paper highlights findings from a a 15-year longitudinal cohort study of children growing up in poverty in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam.

Patricia Ames, Jeanine Anderson, Amanda Martin, Rosario Rodriguez & Alina Potts - Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies: An International Interdisciplinary Journal for Research, Policy and Care20 Oct 2018

This article presents the Peru results as part of the Multi Country Study on the Drivers of Violence Affecting Children.

Karla Mendes - Thomson Reuters Foundation10 Oct 2018

This article from Reuters calls attention to the large numbers of indigenous children growing up in care in Brazil, particularly in the southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Marcela Raffaelli, Juliana Prates Santana, Normanda Araujo de Morais, Carlos J. Nieto, Silvia H. Koller - Child Abuse & Neglect28 Aug 2018

The current longitudinal study examined the prevalence, overlap, and impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in a sample of Brazilian children and adolescents who use city streets as spaces for socialization and survival (i.e., street-involved youth).

Ingunn Studsrød, Ingunn T. Ellingsen, Carolina Muñoz Guzmán and Sandra E. Mancinas Espinoza - Social Policy and Society6 Jul 2018

This article presents findings from a cross-national study exploring how social workers in child welfare conceptualise ‘family’, and how they relate to ‘family’ in their practice.

Doncel 1 Jun 2018

En este documento se presentan los principales resultados de una investigación se propuso conocer las dinámicas y trayectorias de transición del sistema de cuidados alternativos a la autonomía de los y las jóvenes que vivieron en instituciones de cuidado residencial de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.