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UNICEF Albania15 Jul 2019

The purpose of this consultancy is to undertake a revision of the current legislation relevant to and with an impact on De-Institutionalization of children from Residential Care and propose the related legislative ammendments

Raquel Barroso, Maria Barbosa-Ducharne - Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry23 Jun 2019

This study aims at analyzing adoption-related feelings, which include the feelings of loss and the ensuing curiosity about the birth family and pre-adoption life.

SOS Children’s Villages International 13 Jun 2019

The content of this Call to Action comes from what was heard from young people with care experience as well as from the professionals working with them. It outlines three primary actions to realize careleavers' rights in the law and in practice and to allocate adequate funds for realizing these rights.

González Pasarín, Lucía; Portillo Lobillo, María; Bernedo-Muñoz, Isabel MariaAutoridad Universidad de Málaga; Fernández-Gómez, María Ángeles; Salas Martínez, María D.; [et al.] - Repositorio Institucional Universidad de Málaga13 Jun 2019

The aim of the presentation is to describe the personal features of biological families whose children are in non-kinship foster care and with whom they have face-to-face contact in Málaga, Granada and Jaén (provinces of Andalusia, Spain).

Portillo Lobillo, María; González Pasarín, Lucía; Bernedo Muñoz, Isabel María; Salas Martín, María D.; Fernández Gómez, María Ángeles; [et al.] - Repositorio Institucional Universidad de Málaga13 Jun 2019

The aim of the presentation is to describe the personal features of non-kinship foster care children who have visits with their birth family in Málaga, Granada and Jaén (provinces of Andalusia, Spain).

Lorena Maneiro, José Antonio Gómez-Fraguela, Laura López-Romero, Olalla Cutrín, Jorge Sobral - Children and Youth Services Review13 Jun 2019

The aim of the current study is to identify different subgroups of adolescents placed in Residential Care (RC) on the basis of different dynamic factors and analyze their relation with antisocial behavior and family violence.

Joana Nunes Patrício, Diniz Lopes, Margarida Vaz Garrido, Maria Manuela Calheiros - Journal of Family Issues13 Jun 2019

This study explored the social images of families of children and youths in residential care in a sample of 176 participants with and without professional contact with this population.

Laura Ferrari, Claudia Manzi, Veronica Benet-Martinez, Rosa Rosnati - Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology5 Jun 2019

A study carried out in Italy based on a sample group of young immigrants (N = 168) and intercountry adoptees (N = 160) tests a model in which social (perceived discrimination) and family factors (parental autonomy support) predict psychological well-being.

Regina Gairal-Casadó, Carme Garcia-Yeste, Maria Teresa Novo-Molinero, Zoel Salvadó-Belarta - Children and Youth Services Review1 Jun 2019

This study analyzed how the implementation of the strategy of extending learning time in a group of adolescents living in residential care contributed to promoting their scientific vocations and increasing their academic expectations and their knowledge of these disciplines.