Promoting the Rights of Children with Disabilities: Innocenti Digest No. 13

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre

WHAT: A report on the situation of the millions of children globally with disabilities, and the challenges faced in realizing their human rights.  It gives an overview of international standards, and strategies for advancing the social inclusion of children with disabilities in their families, schools, communities, and wider society.

WHO:  Policy makers, managers, and social and community workers in the field of social welfare, child protection, and education

WHERE:  Global relevance

WHY: This document emphasizes the responsibility of governments and organizations in ensuring that persons with disabilities are automatically and explicitly included in the objectives, targets and monitoring indicators of all development programs. 

It highlights the damaging effects of institutionalizing and segregating children with disabilities and promotes the use of family based alternatives. It gives suggestions for the full inclusion of children with disabilities in family, school and community life, with country examples.