Children in Institutions: Prevention and Alternative Care: Final Report

Bragi Gudbrandsson, Working Group on Children at Risk in Care, Council of Europe

WHAT:  A comparative analysis of protection and care systems across Europe, focusing on the use of institutions, alternative forms of care placements, family support services, and the role of social workers in the process of child placement.  

WHO:  Policy makers and social and community workers involved in the care and protection of children.

WHERE:  While this document focuses on European systems, it has much broader relevance in terms of options for care and protection services.   

WHY:  This document provides a concise overview of learning from a variety of countries regarding avoiding children’s unnecessary placement into care, supporting families, and providing quality family placements and services.  The prevention strategies discussed include:  Gate keeping, Family Group Conferencing, Parent Management Training, and Multisystemic Treatment.