Violence Against Children in Care and Justice Institutions

United Nations Secretary General's Study on Violence Against Children

WHAT:  This is a chapter from the United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence Against Children that specifically explores the factors contributing to violence against children in institutional care and justice institutions.  This chapter includes sections on the sources of violence against children in institutional care, the impact of institutional care on children’s health and development, and the populations of children most likely to become institutionalized.

This chapter also has short sections on legislative action to prevent institutionalization, alternatives to institutionalization and deinstitutionalization, and suggests public education about the issue of institutional care for children.

WHO:  Policy makers and social and community workers involved in the care and protection of children. 

WHERE:  Global

WHY:  This section of the UN study includes a set of guidelines for the prevention of abuse of children in institutions as well as mechanisms for redress and response.