Toolkit Child Protection in Emergencies: A Guide for Field Workers. Section 4 Separated and Unaccompanied Children

UNICEF Indonesia

WHAT:  Contains an overview of programming to prevent and respond to separated and unaccompanied children, including care arrangements.  Includes a training program.  

WHO: Trainers, practitioners, and managers working in pre and post emergency situations to prevent and respond to the separation of children.

WHEREWhile the guidance in this manual is globally relevant for work with separated children, it is based on the experiences of working with separated children in Indonesia and includes case studies from the Tsunami. 

WHYIt contains several useful training exercises.  It also includes  forms for recording key information relating to separated children, including:
·         Rapid tracing form
·         Registration & documentation form
·         Handover Family Reunification certificate
·         Follow up form for a reunified child or child in foster care
·         Foster placement agreement form         

N.B.  This is one section of a larger manual: Toolkit on Child Protection in Emergencies:  A Guide for Field Workers, UNICEF Indonesia, 2008.  Toolkit on Child Protection in Emergencies:  A guide for field workers.  Section 5:  Psychosocial Support is included in this toolkit.