The Lost Ones. Emergency Care and Family Tracing for Separated Children from Birth to Five Years

Save the Children Alliance, UNHCR, UNICEF and OHCHR

WHAT: Guidance on how to care for the children under five who are separated from their families in emergencies.  Includes chapters on tracing, registering, verification, reunification, and the provision of care to meet developmental needs. 

WHO:  Agencies, managers, and social and community workers working in emergency or post emergency situations with unaccompanied or separated children.  

WHERE:  Global – for emergency preparation, in an emergency, and post emergency. 

WHY:  Contains step-by-step, practical, field-oriented guidance on the specific care and protection needs of babies and young children in an emergency. 

N.B.  This document should be read in conjunction with the Interagency Guiding Principles on Unaccompanied and Separated Children, International Committee of the Red Cross, 2004 (included in this toolkit).