Toolkit on Child Protection in Emergencies: A Guide for Field Workers. Section 5 Psychosocial Support

UNICEF Indonesia

WHAT: Contains guidance on how to develop programs to respond to the psychosocial needs of children affected by emergencies.  Includes a training schedule, worksheets, and handouts.  

WHO:  Trainers, practitioners, and managers working with children affected by an emergency.    

WHERE:  While the guidance in this manual is globally relevant for work with separated children and children in care who have psychosocial needs, it is based on the lessons learned from working with separated children in Indonesia and includes case studies from the Tsunami.

WHY:  Contains useful guidance on activities which support recovery and increase a child’s resilience and coping skills. 

N.B. This is one section of a larger manual: Toolkit on Child Protection in Emergencies:  A Guide for Field Workers, UNICEF Indonesia, 2008.  Toolkit on Child Protection in Emergencies:  A guide for field workers.  Section 4:  Separated and Unaccompanied Children is included in this toolkit.