Child Protection Training Manual. Facilitator's Guide for Teacher Training

Save the Children Alliance

WHAT: Guide for training teachers in Southern Sudan on identifying, responding and safeguarding children from abuse, exploitation and violence.  It provides guidance for an in-depth 5-day protection course, as well as a 1-day refresher course.

WHO:  Trainers, social and community workers, education authorities and teachers involved in the care, protection and education of children.

WHERE:  While based upon The Child Act 2008 legislation governing child protection in Southern Sudan, this document may be easily adapted to country-specific legal frameworks, and thus it is globally relevant.

WHY:  Provides a guide for training teachers and school-related staff in child protection.  Includes useful techniques for facilitation, as well as detailed training modules with key learning points, lesson plans and interactive exercises.

N.B. This Facilitator’s Guide is part of a set which includes the following Teacher’s Handbook (included in this toolkit) that can be provided to training participants: Introduction to Child Protection. Teacher’s Handbook, Save the Children Alliance, 2008.