Applying the Standards: Improving Quality Child Care Provision in East and Central Africa

Save the Children Fund; Diane M Swales with Rena Geibel and Neil McMillan

WHAT: This guide is based on the standards set out in Raising the Standards (Save the Children, 2005). It presents lessons from the experiences of five agencies in implementing the childcare standards and assessing their effectiveness.

WHO:  Childcare agencies, managers, and social and community workers.

WHERE:  This document focuses on five agencies in East and Central Africa, however the learning has global relevance.

WHY:  Provides case studies and guidance on implementing and assessing standards, with a range of tools on assessment, cost benefit analysis, care options, and training. 

 N.B.  This resource accompanies the document Raising the Standards, Save the Children Fund, 2006.  The accompanying DVD is not available online.  Please contact BCN at for more information.