Quality4Children: Standards for Out-of-Home Care in Europe

IFCO, SOS Kinderdorf International, FICE

WHAT:  A set of standards on the process of a child or young person entering care, being cared for, and leaving care, based primarily on the views of children, families, and caregivers. It includes case studies, guidelines for care placements, and warning signs that care standards are not being met.

WHO:  For all those affected by out of home care, i.e. children, families, caregivers, and the professionals/authorities involved in organizing care.   

WHERE:  The guidelines are written for European contexts; however they can be applied internationally. 

 WHY:  A useful tool for children and young people in understanding their rights, and for professionals in ensuring the quality of care and the care process. The warning signs on different aspects of care delivery are particularly helpful in highlighting the need for improved standards.