Consideration of Kinship Carer(s) for Emergency/Immediate Placement of a Child or Children

Carol Edwards, Edwina Brockelsby Family Rights Group UK

WHAT: A template for assessing the suitability of kinship caregivers in the short term, and for planning the care of a child in kinship care.  There are sections that can be given to potential caregivers to help them prepare for caring for a child.

WHO: All those undertaking an assessment of a kinship caregiver/placement. 

WHERE: Global relevance with adaptations needed for the local context. 

WHY: Useful assessment template for assessing the caregiver’s preparedness, suitability, and support needs for the short term care of a child. 

N.B. This form could be adapted to other types of caregivers, e.g. foster caregivers.

This document is accompanied by a template for assessing a longer term placement.  See document (included in this toolkit): Consideration of Kinship Carer/s for a Longer Term Placement of a Child or Children, Carol Edwards, Edwina Brockelsby, Family Rights Group, UK, 2006