Ideas Bank of Creative Activities for Children at Drop-in or Residential Centre

Colin Cotterill for End Child Prostitution, Child Pornagraphy and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT)

WHAT:  A compilation of low-budget activities (e.g. play, sport, games, arts/crafts, music/movement, drama, reading/listening, and creative expression) for non-psychosocial professionals working at drop-in or residential centers. 

WHO:  Social and community workers, teachers and caregivers based in community centers, school, drop-ins or institutions. 

WHERE:  Global relevance.

WHY:  These creative activities are designed to build on the strengths and self-esteem of children, particularly those who have been abused or involved in commercial sexual exploitation.  The activities can be used to engage children and young people in psychosocial, health, hygiene, safety, and life skills training.