Mobilising Children and Youth into their Own Child & Youth Led Organisations. Psychosocial Wellbeing Series

Kurt Madoerin and REPSSI

WHAT: An overview of the development and benefits of child and youth-led organizations across Tanzania's Kagera region, primarily for children who have lost one or both parents.  It outlines the contribution, particularly in terms of psychosocial benefits, of a variety of activities such as organization building and leadership training, group and peer counseling, micro loans and unconditional cash transfers, saving account services, self defense training, and agriculture training. 

WHO: Children and young people, communities, social and community workers, and organizations involved in child care and protection issues.  

WHERE: While the publication focuses on the experience of a single child- and youth-led organizations in Tanzania, additional chapters refer to other lessons learned by other child- and youth-led organizations across Southern and Eastern Africa.

WHY:  It provides an innovative overview of how children can help themselves and their caregivers via the creation of their own community based organizations and associated psychosocial and economic initiatives.  The experiences of children who are involved in these child and youth-led organizations are included throughout as a basis for drawing conclusions regarding best practices and lessons learnt.  It highlights the role children play in supporting each other, and provides guidance on how adults and partner organizations can help young people to set up and run such organizations.

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