Psychosocial Support Training Manual

Lynn Walker, Farm Orphan Support Trust of Zimbabwe

WHAT: A training manual on supporting children and young people who have been orphaned or affected by HIV and AIDS.  It provides exercises for caregivers and other adults on understanding how children experience loss and grief and on the types of social and psychological supports such children will need. 

WHO:  Trainers, social and community workers, volunteers and caregivers involved with the care and protection of children, particularly orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS.

WHERE: While this manual is based on work in Zimbabwe, its training curriculum is relevant across Africa as well as globally.  Some training exercises will need adaptation to suit a local context and key terms will need translation into local languages.

WHY: The exercises in this manual are useful in helping community members, project staff, and caregivers think beyond the material needs of children who have been orphaned.  It includes guidance on child development and grief, managing aggressive behaviors, overcoming stigma, and memory projects.