Youth Microenterprise and Livelihoods: State of the Field. Lessons from the 2007 Global Youth Microenterprise Conference

Making Cents International

WHAT: A report from the first-ever Global Youth Microenterprise Conference in 2007. This publication provides insights into the challenges facing youth livelihood development and its benefits for young people and communities. It gives an overview of strategies and lessons learnt on preparing youth for employment, developing entrepreneurial capacity and financial literacy, and funding youth enterprise. 

WHO: Social and community workers and policy makers involved in youth livelihood development and economic strengthening e.g. for young caregivers, young people leaving care, children living and working on the street.

WHERE: Global

WHY: This report provides examples and case studies of how to help reduce vulnerability in young people and improve their life chances through employment and entrepreneurship. This is particularly helpful when considering livelihood options for young people leaving care, and/or for young people who contribute to the household income.  The document has a strong emphasis on youth participation and it provides practitioners with concrete strategies for improving their impact on youth livelihood development, especially within in the field of microenterprise.