Transitioning Residential Care Learning Event: Workshop Report

Better Care Network

This report captures the key insights, trends, learnings, and participant inputs from the Transitioning Residential Care Services Learning Event held in October 2022 which was organized and hosted by the Transitioning Residential Care Working Group as part of the Transforming Children’s Care Global Collaborative Platform. The goal is for the learnings to be used by governments, civil society organizations, and transition advocates to inform strategies to enhance, scale up and better coordinate the transition of residential care services at a national or sub-national level.

The event was structured in two parts:

The first part comprised a presentation of findings from a learning synthesis conducted in preparation for the event and break-out groups to discuss the implications of the synthesis findings for global and country level practice.

Part two comprised three panels representing government, care experienced experts, and civil society experts, who shared insights regarding key factors that enable transitions to be scaled and coordinated nationally.

Watch a recording of the event.

Transitioning Residential Care Learning Event - Workshop Report