Webinar Recording: Breaking the Cycle; Changing the Narrative

Transform Alliance Africa (TAA), Child's i Foundation

The webinar, hosted by Transform Alliance Africa, provides an overview of the progress and findings from our youth wellbeing project. The youth wellbeing project is a community mental health initiative led by care experienced youth that aims to develop a safe transition pathway for young people leaving orphanages and provide support to young people experiencing well being and mental health challenges in the community.

The project is made possible with support from Grand Challenges Canada, UBS Optimus Foundation Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development - (Government of Uganda). It is a collaborative project - led and informed by Care experienced youth, supported by Child's i Foundation, Uganda Care Leavers Association, No Limit Generation, Alternative Care Initiatives.

#breakingthecycle #changingthenarrative

See more at www.childsifoundation.org/youth-wellbeing-champions/