Amici dei Bambini

Ai.Bi. Amici dei Bambini Association is a non-governmental organization made up of a movement of adoptive and foster families. Since 1986 AiBi has worked everyday to support children hosted in institutions throughout the world and to fight against the neglect of children. The Association operates in Italy, with activities in 33 countries in Eastern Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Amici del Bambini

Where they operate

Organization Size

Size of the organization
Large (50 employees and sub-contractors or more)

Headquarters Location

Via Marignano 18 a Mezzano di San Giuliano Milanese
20098 MI

Main Areas of Work

What They Do


Ai.Bi. hosts events and conferences, conducts research and studies, and produces publications regarding child abandonment. Activities include:

  • International Adoption - When abandoned children cannot be integrated into their family of origin and if National Adoption is not possible, Amici dei Bambini accompanies Italian families who intend to adopt a foreign minor from the beginning of the adoption practices up to the placement of the child and growth of the child in the family.
  • Foster Care -  Ai.Bi. organizes Training Courses and support for foster families
  • International cooperation - To guarantee abandoned children the right to live in a family in their country of origin, Ai.Bi. activates cooperation projects with local institutions and NGOs, aimed at family reintegration, the promotion of national adoption and the social accompaniment of abandoned teenagers and young people.
  • Training - The Training Courses conducted by Ai.Bi. Amici dei Bambini are aimed at couples or families who are going through the adoption or fostering experience. The meetings are held by expert psychologists who have collaborated with Ai.Bi for years, and who have gained experience in the field of adoption, foster care, and parenting.

AiBi intervenes where there is neglect of children: in children's homes, in centres of assistance, on the streets, or in families.

The objectives of AiBi are:

To prevent abandonment. Children living in needy and vulnerable families and facing challenges are usually prone to the risk of abandonment and neglect. To tackle their fundamental right of living a happy childhood, AiBi supports biological families with international development and cooperation projects.

To interrupt abandonment. When there are situations of neglect of children, AiBi works to ensure that a child is able to maintain a relationship with their family while in foster care.

To overcome abandonment. Hospitality into a family environment shall be the solution for each and every neglected minor. In some cases, it is possible to reunify the child with the biological family through international cooperation projects. Where this option is not possible, or the reintegration not feasible, AiBi works to secure national or international adoption for the minor, in order to benefit from a life in a family.

To accompany neglect (care leaver projects). Many adolescents, even if they were abandoned at a young age, have never been hosted by a family. AiBi, through international cooperation projects, supports their reintegration within society.

To promote the culture of reception. In order to promote a cultural change and a different approach toward abandonment and child neglect, AiBi has started a project on the culture of reception.