Friends International Cambodia

Friends International operates in two areas in Cambodia - the Mith Samlanh program in Phnom Penh and the Kaliyan Mith program in Siem Reap - to address the needs of marginalized children in Cambodia. 


Where they operate

Organization Size

Size of the organization
Large (50 employees and sub-contractors or more)

Main Areas of Work

Mith Samlanh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Country Office

Mith Samlanh runs a full child protection and social reintegration program that includes outreach on the streets and in marginalized communities, drop-in centers for street children, Transitional Homes for children separated from family, non-formal education and vocational training. It is the program’s goal that every child access education and every youth have the skills to obtain stable employment. The program also supports at-risk groups, such as drug users and sex workers, to access rehabilitation and prevent sickness. In recent years, Mith Samlanh has increased its focus on youth employment, and provides specialized support through its Futures Offices.

Mith Samlanh also implements the ChildSafe movement throughout Phnom Penh in order to mobilize all actors to protect vulnerable children. Through the ChildSafe Citizens Campaign, ChildSafe community awareness raising, and ChildSafe Agent training, Mith Samlanh mobilized and maintained a network of over 800 Agents which directly protected 10,063 children in 2017.

Kaliyan Mith

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Country Office

Kaliyan Mith (“Good Friends” in Khmer), in Siem Reap, fully utilizes the Friends model of social business, social support, and public mobilization to build the futures of children and families. Responding to the problems of predatory tourism, child abuse, lack of access to education, and youth employment, the program assisted 11,412 children, youth and caregivers in 2017.

Kaliyan Mith offers a range of social reintegration support, including family reintegration, school reintegration, and transitional shelter for vulnerable children. Marginalized youth can access skills training in five vocations: sewing, hospitality/cooking, mechanics, barber and beauty. Street outreach is conducted at both night and day to provide immediate services, and street-based children can access the drop-in center for counselling, life skills training and health services. The program supports youth and caregivers to find stable employment through its Futures Office.