Next Generation Nepal

Next Generation Nepal is an organization that works to reunite trafficked and institutionalized children in Nepal with their families.

Where they operate

Headquarters Location


Main Areas of Work

Residential Care Service Transition Support


Supports they have offered, or plan to offer, include:

  • Introducing the importance of family care and reintegration to leaders in the organization
  • Strategy and planning for the transition
  • Donor and board engagement
  • Community awareness raising and engagement
  • Partnerships
  • Government engagement and linking to systems reforms
  • Assessments of children and families
  • Family tracing
  • Preparing children and families for transition
  • Social work or case management training or support
  • Staffing adjustments or training
  • Use of buildings and other assets
  • Developing new programs, including:
    • Family and community strengthening
    • Alternative family care (including kinship care, foster care, adoption)
    • Advocacy
  • Provide funding for the transition
  • General coaching or consultation
  • Onsite training
  • Onsite visits/meetings
  • Phone calls/video conference
  • Provision of standards and written guidance or tools for transitioning
  • Connecting with others or building a network

Next Generation Nepal plans to support transitions in Nepal. We will work with those organizations that are open and believe in family based care over residential care. Our approach to supporting residential care centers to transition to family care follows our reintegration guideline. Once a child has been rescued from an abusive orphanage, or if the organization we work with is ready for transition to family based care, the reintegration process begins. Children are re-homed in a safe transitional home, taken care of, rehabilitated and provided with an education. NGN staff use innovative counseling play techniques to spark children’s memories of family and home which were long ago forgotten. Using this and other information, search teams set out to the, often, remote regions of Nepal, in search of the families. Once found, and once the family has been assessed by our team, and we are assured that the child would be safe and provided for, only then can reconnections take place with the family. NGN continues to monitor all its reunified children for up to 3 years to ensure that they are safe, continuing their education and free from the risk of being re-trafficked.