Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health

Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health is an international charitable foundation established by a global health and human rights organization HealthRight International -  a global health and human rights organization working to build lasting access to health for excluded communities, including orphans and vulnerable children - in 2008. They work in the public health and human rights sphere to ensure equal access to health for marginalized populations. Their mission is to work to improve life quality and enable marginalized populations to exercise basic rights by ensuring their access to social, health and mental services, introducing innovative social technologies, developing the sphere of health and social services, and building capacities of civil society organizations. Their target groups include pregnant women and young mothers at risk of abandoning their newborn infants or deprivation of parental rights.

Where they operate

Main Areas of Work

What They Do


The Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health works with the following populations:

  • Girls and young women 14-24 years old and their partners, who are (1) living on the street, (2) residing in difficult circumstances of life; (3) survivors of violence; (4) residents in crisis centers and shelters; (5) graduates of boarding schools.
  • Pregnant girls and young mothers who are living in difficult circumstances of life and are unable/struggling to give adequate care to their children.
  • At-risk and HIV-positive children, adolescents and their environment.
  • Street сhildren.
  • Adolescents and youth in conflict with the law

Their programs include:

  • Strengthening humanitarian response to the need of most vulnerable women and female adolescents affected by armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine through multi-sectorial prevention and response to GBV and access to SRH services

  • Access to HIV Prevention, Testing and Treatment for Street-Involved Women and Girls in Kyiv

  • Helping HIV-Affected Girls Leave the Street and Transform Their Lives in Ukraine

  • Training and Resource Center for for social workers, specialists and managers of social services for families, children and youth, state and private institutions and NGOs

  • BCC Training Curriculum STEPS for Street Children and Boarding School (Internat) Students