Holt International Thailand

Key Areas of Focus: Family Strengthening, Alternative Care, Foster Care, Adoption, Household Economic Strengthening, Education, Children Affected by HIV/AIDS, Social Service Workforce Strengthening, Advocacy

Background: Holt International began working in Thailand in 1975. In partnership with Holt Sahathai Foundation, Holt helped initiate the practice of foster care for orphaned and abandoned children in Thailand.

What They Do: In partnership with Holt Sahathai Foundation — a prominent and well-respected provider of child welfare services — Holt works with vulnerable families to provide them with the resources and opportunity they need to stay together, and seeks permanent, loving families for children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

  • Family Strengthening Programs: Through these programs, Holt provides families with infant formula, education, support groups, trust savings groups, livestock, and more

  • Orphan Care Programs: Through these programs, Holt provides foster care families for children in need of care but also works with a large residential care institution "to ensure that each child receives the critical one-on-one attention necessary for healthy development and attachment." Holt has also worked to help children with special needs become available for adoption, pilot foster care as the primary method of care for orphaned or abandoned children, provide technical support for child welfare trainings in both governmental and non-governmental sectors, improve quality of care for children in institutions, and develop specialized training for foster parents of children who have HIV

Where They Work: Thailand

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