Siam-Care Foundation

Key Areas of Focus: Children Affected by HIV/AIDS, Family Strengthening, Household Economic Strengthening

Background: Siam-Care Foundation began as the British organization ‘Christian Outreach’ which was founded to care for those who were infected by HIV/AIDS and their families. The initial work focused on home based family care for the infected and affected family members including relatives and communities, supporting them to care for the sick and for the orphans, widows and others left behind by demised relatives as a result of HIV/AIDS. In 1996 ‘Christian Outreach’ was handed over to Thai nationals and continued under the name ‘Siam-Care’. 

What They Do: Siam-Care is committed to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. They help children to school and support poor families medically, mentally and financially. Siam-Care helps children at risk and their families, to develop psychosocially, physically, financially, and spiritually until they can take care of themselves (again).

Siam-Care works on five long terms projects:

  • Family Care: Providing medical, spiritual, and financial support to empower families to support themselves
  • Prison Ministry: Training, support, and health education for inmates in 5 prisons
  • Crafts Program: Providing income opportunities for women who make crafts and sell them in the social enterprise program
  • Awareness: Providing health and sexual education in high schools and border areas
  • Educational Sponsorship: financial support for children to attend school

Siam-Care is a member of the Convention on the Rights of the Child Coalition for Thailand

Where They Work: Thailand

Contact Info: