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Opening Doors for Europe's Children1 Feb 2018

The 2017 country factsheets provide an update on the status of child protection and care reforms from 16 European countries that are the focus of Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign in Phase II. 

R. Bardauskiene and J. Pivoriene - 6th International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference SOCIETY. HEALTH. WELFARE31 Jan 2018

The article aims to uncover what hinders social workers to carry out effective work in providing social services for families whose children are in temporary custody.

International Step by Step Association11 Oct 2016
Vilnius, Lithuania

Save the date for the 2016 Conference of the International Step by Step Association (ISSA), "Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change." The Conference will unite all aspects of the early childhood

U.S. Army - Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Chlosta26 Aug 2016

This is an article from the U.S. Army touting Lithuanian and American service members who worked together to build a new fence, gate, and sign for an orphanage in Siauliai, Lithunia. 

UNHCR1 Aug 2016

Global Strategy – Beyond Detention 2014-2019 is a document released by UNHCR, which aims to support governments to end the detention of asylum-seekers and refugees.  

Better Care Network11 May 2016

This country care review includes the Concluding Observations for the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Opening Doors for Europe's Children1 Jan 2016

Opening Doors for Children report in this Country Fact Sheet that despite the country’s efforts, Lithuania’s institutional rates remain very high.

Petras Vaida - The Baltic Course3 Aug 2015

The capital city of Lithuania, Vilnius, is making concerted efforts to close down all orphanages by the year 2020, according to the article.

Daja Wenke - Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat, Estonian Presidency 2014-2015, Republic of Estonia Ministry of Social Affairs6 May 2015

This report was developed as part of a mapping study aimed at analysing the situation of alternative care and family support in the Baltic Sea Region, assessing the achievements since the 2005 Ministerial Forum and identifying relevant opportunities and challenges for the future.

Council of the Baltic Sea States, Estonian Presidency 2014-2015, Sotsiaalministeerium6 May 2015

This report provides an overview of the two-day expert meeting on alternative care and family support in the Baltic Sea Region that took place in Tallinn, Estonia in May 2015.