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Faizah Haji Mas’ud - Residential Child and Youth Care in a Developing World: Global Perspectives16 Jul 2018

This chapter from Residential Child and Youth Care in a Developing World: Global Perspectives focuses on the institutional care of children and young people deemed ‘at risk’ according to current Malaysian law on child welfare: Malaysian Child Act (2001).

Cherish How, Jariah Mohd Jan - Malaysian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities3 Jun 2018

This study examines the use of linguistics features among male and female foster children in Malaysia in expressing their needs to improve their academic performance.

Habibie Bte Hj Ibrahim, Norhamidah Jarimal - Malaysian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities1 Jun 2018

This paper is based on literature review on the legal, political and social context of Malaysia regarding child welfare and social work.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)1 Apr 2018

This Manual sets the minimum standards and policies for the protection and care of unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) within a foster care arrangement in Malaysia.

Marjan Mohammadzadeh PhD, Hamidin Awang MD, Suriani Ismail PhD, Hayati Kadir Shahar PhD - Asia-Pacific Psychiatry7 Feb 2018

This study aimed to assess both the prevalence of stress and the coping mechanisms as well as identify the predictors of stress levels among adolescents in Malaysian orphanages.

Marjan Mohammadzadeh, Esra Tajik, Hamidin Awang, Latiffah Abdul Latiff - Asian Journal of Psychiatry18 Dec 2017

This article presents the findings of a study that examined the emotional health status and coping mechanisms of adolescents living in residential care facilities in Malaysia, in comparison with that of adolescents living in families.

A.J. Alfred, A.M. Ma’rof, N. Buang - Varia Pendidikan1 Dec 2017

This research was conducted to study the relationships between academic performance, learning motivation, institutionalised environments and guardian involvement of children reared in a Malaysian orphanage.

Ruwaida Md Zain - New Straits Times26 Aug 2017

A Malaysian welfare organization has urged the federal government to set up a special body to regulate and control illegal orphanages in the country due to exploitation and abuse of the children living in the homes. 

Nur Khairah Alegria Suner - Free Malaysia Today9 Aug 2017

Malaysian NGO OrphanCare reports that orphanages are reluctant to work with baby hatch centers, which seek to find permanent homes for abandoned babies, due to fear that they will not have enough children to maintain the institutions once they give them up for adoption. 

Datuk Wee Beng Ee - The Star Online25 Jul 2017

After the death of a Malaysian child in foster care, children's groups call for more rigorous screenings of potential foster and adoptive families, based on standard operating procedures, to keep children safe.