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BBC News7 Nov 2018

Police in Peru have recently uncovered a child trafficking ring which convinced poor women to hand over their babies and then sold them, according to this article from BBC News.

Kirrily Pells and Virginia Morrow - Young Lives7 Mar 2018

In this summative report from Young Lives, an international study of childhood poverty, authors Kirrily Pells and Virginia Morrow highlight the study’s key findings on violence affecting children, exploring what children say about violence, how it affects them, and the key themes that emerge from a systematic analysis of the children’s accounts from study countries of Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam.

Tara Callen - Columbia University Academic Commons1 Jan 2018

This dissertation was an ethnographic narrative study tracking eight young women who were “aging out” or forced to leave their orphanage in Peru, where most of them had spent a majority of their lives. The study examined the way in which a collaborative art community could support the participants as they narrated their lives over a 16-month period of time through photojournaling and social media outlets.

Jessaca Leinaweaver - U.S. News12 Sep 2017

Peru's Congress will debate a proposed law that would install "baby boxes" outside hospitals around the country, which would allow for infants to be abandoned safely and without consequence to the person abandoning the child; critics, however, argue that policy should be addressing the root causes of child abandonment and vulnerability, including family planning, education, and family strengthening programs. 

Kirrily Pells & Virginia Morrow - Ending Violence in Childhood Global Report 2017. Know Violence in Childhood.1 Jan 2017

This brief paper highlights some of Young Lives key findings on violence affecting children, exploring what children say about violence, how it affects them, and the key themes that emerges from a systematic analysis of the children’s accounts.

Karin van Mullem and Arno Rozema5 May 2016

The video ‘Last Minute Orphanage’ offers an unique insight into the world of volunteering. It tells the story of 3 volunteers who travel to Cuzco Peru to volunteer for a few weeks with children.

Better Care Network5 Apr 2016

This country care review includes the care-related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Cuong Viet Nguyen - Social Science & Medicine16 Feb 2016

This study examines whether parental migration can affect health and cognitive ability of left-behind children aged at 5-8 years old in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Vietnam.

Maternowska, M. C., A. Potts and D. Fry - UNICEF1 Jan 2016

This study is a snapshot of a multi-country study involving Italy, Peru, Viet Nam, and Zimbabwe of how individual characteristics, interpersonal relationships, and the communities in which people live interact with institutional drivers to increase or reduce a child’s risk of violence.

Save the Children1 Jan 2016

Este documento discute el enfoque integral utilizado por Save the Children para promover la sinergia entre la autonomía personal y el desarrollo económico.