Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Learning Platform

UNICEF ESARO, Changing the Way We Care

The Regional Learning Platform on care reform for Eastern and Southern Africa provides an opportunity for government, UNICEF and others involved in care reform in the region to share learning through webinars, document exchange, a HelpDesk, and pairing and mentoring. The platform and its corresponding documentation was planned and conceptualised by UNICEF Eastern and Southern African Regional Office (ESARO) and Changing the Way We Care.


Monthly Updates:



Virtual Study Tours

Care Reform in Rwanda
Care Reform in Malawi
Care Reform in Zambia
Care Reform in Uganda
Care Reform in Kenya

Platform Webinars

Webinar: COVID and Care


Webinar: Data and Care Reform


Webinar: Experience Matters - Bringing Those With Lived Experience into National Care Reform


Webinar: Child Protection System Strengthening and Care Reform


Webinar: Introducing the Zambia and Malawi Virtual Study Tour


Interview with UNICEF and the Government of Zambia on Care Reform in Zambia