Temporary Protection for Those Fleeing Russia's War of Aggression Against Ukraine: One Year On

European Commission

On March 8, 2023, the European Commission published the communication on “Temporary protection for those fleeing Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine: one year on.” This Communication takes stock of the Temporary Protection Directive implemented on 4 March 2022 over the course of one year. It provides insight into how the EU managed to enable and coordinate a response to the largest displacement on European soil since the Second World War. It also identifies priority areas where continued efforts are needed to guarantee the rights provided for in the Directive. Furthermore, this Communication offers some reflections on the way forward to preserve some key lessons learned and make the EU more resilient and better able to adapt to future challenges.

It includes a section that addresses deinstitutionalization.

Here is a short summary:
  • The Commission is mobilising EUR 10 million to support Ukraine’s transition towards de-institutionalisation of childcare.
  • Inside the EU, the Solidarity Platform will support the coordination of the transfer of unaccompanied children to family and community-based care as needed.
  • The Commission will work with the Ukrainian and Polish authorities and relevant stakeholders on a project in a childcare facility in Poland, hosting large numbers of Ukrainian children, as a pilot for the de-institutionalisation reform in Ukraine.
  • The Commission will update existing guidance to Member States to ensure the registration of children who arrive to the EU accompanied by their Ukrainian guardians to guarantee the engagement of national child protection services.
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