Gender-Based Violence Affecting Children and Youth on the Move: Training Manual

BRIDGE project

Introduction and Course Background

This training forms part of the BRIDGE project which aims to:

  • Develop data collection methodology and mobile data collection (MDC) tool
  • Implement data collection using MDC tool in project countries
  • Develop training curricula and blended learning, including e-learning
  • Conduct awareness raising campaigns designed and implemented in each of the four project countries
  • Develop a regional community of practice through the Child Protection Hub

The focus of this training is on building the knowledge and capacity of care professionals from Greece, Belgium, Malta and Romania to prevent, identify and respond to gender-based violence (GBV) affecting children and youth on the move, including unaccompanied minors. The project’s training of trainers (ToT) approach will enable trainers to train peers and have wider potential for replication beyond the targeted individuals in this project. The professionals will have built skills and knowledge about their specific statutory role in child protection and skills in involving children, knowledge of child safeguarding, specific issues around GBV against children and will serve as multipliers and ‘role models’ within their profession. The project partnership will advocate for the inclusion of the training materials into official training schemes for professionals in the project countries. Knowledge gained by care professionals will be transferable beyond this project; this is further supported by the availability of training materials in local languages and their specific adaptation to the local context.

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