Gender-Based Violence Affecting Children and Youth on the Move: Youth Facilitator Training Manual

BRIDGE project

Introduction and Course Background

This training has been developed as part of the BRIDGE project. The Youth Facilitator training programme will train up to 60 youth, ages 16-24, from four project countries with the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of gender-based violence (GBV) amongst children and youth on the move. The project will do this by training youth facilitators from the project countries to carry out peer education work amongst children and youth on GBV awareness, using the training materials presented in this manual. The training materials were developed using the EU-funded LEAP project (‘Life skills, leadership, limitless potential’) which promotes participatory practice with children affected by or at risk of sexual exploitation.

As GBV is a generational issue, with children and youth exposed to violence more likely to become perpetrators of violence themselves, by raising awareness of GBV and building strong relationships, children and youth themselves can help to prevent and potentially stop the generational cycle of violence, building safer, more equitable and less violent relationships, families and communities. Youth facilitators will provide peer to peer support and work with children and youth on the move to raise awareness amongst their peers and in the wider community about GBV using a variety of tools, e.g. videos, online and poster campaigns which will have a far-reaching impact beyond the project.

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